Some of the campaign’s most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to say “thank you” to department, agency, or installation leadership, campaign workers and donors. Recognition and appreciation build morale and a strong foundation for next year’s campaign. The CFC offers a variety of ways to recognize your department, individual offices, campaign workers, and donors.

CFC Hero Award

Congratulations to Lt. Brandon Teeple (Tinker Air Force Base) and Debbie Uglean (Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center) on receiving the 2020 National Hero Award!  We celebrate you and your contributions to our campaign.  Thank you for making our world a better place through your service to our nation and your dedication to helping charities through the CFC.  

Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Team

Congratulations also goes to the team at Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center - Kim Sheppard, Debbie Uglean, Cynde Starnes and Sarah Musler for winning the 2020 National CFC Innovator award for holding the 1st ever CFC Telethon.  The CFC Telethon included federal employees speaking on behalf of the CFC and sharing their talents, local non-profit organizations speaking on their causes and the needs in their communities and videos of the great work being done with the donations received through the Combined Federal Campaign. 



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