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Z016 Oklahoma North Texas CFC Connection Page

We are providing Campaign Coordinators with a web-based option for managing their campaign. Materials, CFC Event Requests, RSVP for trainings, and more are now available to you at the click of a button.

Can’t access the link? Not a problem – you can complete a PDF and email it to your local zone manager instead of using the web-based option. Note: You only need to complete ONE of the options.

Update your Agency Information

It is critical that you keep your Agency Information updated with the CFC. Please take the time to complete this form. Suggestion: Verify your information with your HR or Payroll Department if possible. The Office of Personnel Management, Office of the CFC is requesting that we verify your employee count, address, and other agency specific information. Completing this step helps the CFC to provide you with the resources and support you need to extend this employee benefit to your colleagues. To update your agency information with CFC please complete the web-based Agency Update Form below OR email your completed PDF to: [email protected]

Download PDF

Request CFC Materials for your campaign

If you are not running a fully virtual campaign this year and need any printed materials, please use the Material Request Form below to order printed materials for your office.

Note: All materials are also available in a digital format under Campaign Workers / Campaign Materials.

Request a Charity or Speakers for your CFC Event

Are you planning to host a CFC Event? There is no better way to educate and inspire your colleagues about the CFC then by hosting a CFC event! Tip: Plan ahead! The more lead time we have to request your Charites, the more lead time you will have to publicize your event. Want to learn more about the CFC Event process or tips for having a successful event, visit our CFC Event Planning page under the Coordinator/Keyworker table on the home page. To request a charity, complete the web-based CFC Event Request Form below OR email the completed PDF to: [email protected]

Don’t See your Charity? Refer them here