Musa's Story

By his own admission, when he first came to The Lion of Judah Academy ("Simba wa Yuda" Academy in Swahili) in 2002, Musa (not his real name) knew very little about Jesus, and wasn't terribly interested in school.

Helping During the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, it changed almost every aspect of daily life at Camilla Hall, the convent home and health care center for the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Malvern, PA.Staff and residents wore masks. Visitors and volunteers were no longer allowed to enter the building. As signs of infection appeared, the Sisters were confined to their floor and eventually, to their own rooms, and the isolation was difficult for them.

Winner Lynn's Story

”My Name is Winner Lynn. I was born in a small Village in Burma. I grew up in a small rice farm by the river bank in the country that no one will want to live.  Christian who lived in Burma was persecuted because of their faith. When I was six years old, my village was attacked by the Burmese military.  Houses were burned, and many innocent people lost their lives. My father was one of those people. He was tortured before he was murdered, and my family was forced to flee into the jungles of Burma. Life in jungle was really awful.

The Power of Sharing Your Story With Others

"When I first visited Southeast Asia in June 2014, I was invited to share my story with girls confined to the youth detention center here. Many of them had been trafficked or abused. I had never shared my personal history publicly, and struggled with the idea of "coming clean". The night before the event one of the leaders came and asked me for a transcript of my testimony explaining that she needed to see the hard words (difficult to translate). I thought "HARD WORDS"? Hard words like growing up in alcoholism?

The Voice of the Martyrs - Janette

WHEN ISLAMISTS ATTACKED their Christian village in the Central
African Republic, Janette and her children ran barefoot from the
gunfire to take cover in the bush, where they hid for the night; those
who couldn’t run were killed. Janette and her family are among the
30,000 Christians in the CAR who have been driven from their homes
in the last eight years because of their commitment to Christ.
The Voice of the Martyrs overcomes impassable roads using everything
from cargo planes to canoes to help thousands of Christians living in