6: Cascadia

Family Matters

Lavonte is visiting the mobile food program at Rainier Beach Community Center for the third time this month. This time he picks up fresh boxes of produce, and a crate of dairy products. This food will make a difference as his family struggles during the pandemic.

"We're having a tough time", he says. "My mother is battling breast cancer, and we're taking care of my niece, whose family doesn't have the means to support. This food means a lot."

Stitch's Story

Auburn Valley Humane Society (AVHS) does not know much about Stitch’s past, but we hope that he can help shape the future for how we help our community and make a difference. Stitch, found in a crate alongside the road by a Good Samaritan, was brought to AVHS with the hopes of locating his owners. Only a six-month old pup, he was not microchipped at the time.

Stitch came in happy as can be, and the word “stranger” was NOT in his vocabulary. Everyone he meets is his new best friend! Stitch had a nice new harness on when he arrived, quickly wiggling his way into everyone’s heart.

Treehouse Youth in Foster Care Succeeds in School

Treehouse has shown me that things are easier to put into action when you have somebody working with you.

This fall, I will be a high school senior. We’ll all be online for the first semester. I’m actually looking forward to this because I work a lot better alone and at my own pace.

I’m not a very social person. At school, I didn’t have a “group.” I liked eating in the office and things like that. Being away from people these past few months has done some good to kind of catch up with myself.

Former graduates return to FareStart to help meet the need for emergency meals in our community. To date, they’ve helped prepare more than 1 million meals for our hungry vulnerable neighbors.

Colin Scott spent most of summer 2019 working “crazy” hours at the Pacific Room, a new seafood restaurant on Alki Beach in West Seattle, where he was quickly promoted to lead line cook soon after graduating from FareStart’s Adult Culinary Program. He was thrilled to be working with a chef who had three decades of experience. Things were really going his way, until the pandemic forced the Pacific Room to scale-back from five cooks to one.