24: Greater TN Valley

What My Son Learned

“The scariest part about being homeless was wondering how it will affect my son. How do I make sure he has everything he needs, enjoys his childhood and doesn’t worry about where we’re going to sleep at night?”

“I found out about Chattanooga Room in the Inn when I was crying to my case worker that I didn’t have anywhere to go. She gave me the number and I said ‘Oh, no! Shelters are for drug addicts and women in abusive relationships.’ After seeing the facility for myself, it changed my mind and then it changed my life.”

Caring in Action with CASA of Madison County

Mr. D. was an active individual before January 2020. He had a passion and love for being outside, working in gardens at home and work. As a local university professor, he was still keeping a busy schedule at 70 years old. That all came to a halt on one fateful day in January. He was rushing to answer his front door when he slipped and fell. He failed to notice a plastic bag on the floor, and as he fell, he hit his head on a table.

Success Story - Ms. T

Ms. T was a 20-year-old female admitted directly from the hospital to the Shepherd’s Cove inpatient facility with a terminal diagnosis of cancer. She was diagnosed just weeks after the birth of her first child – a daughter. Upon diagnosis, she was not only told she had cancer, but that it was terminal with only weeks to live. She underwent some treatment with the hope of decreasing pain and slow the growth.

North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic at Work

The North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic has had to re-locate due to highway construction. We are now located at 2115 Jonathan Dr., NW which is right around the corner from our old location. We hope that everyone will come and see our "new digs" and let us tell you about all of our services. We pride ourselves on providing high quality spay/neuter services for pets at a very reasonable price to the owner. Please check our website and email or call for more details. We hope to see you soon!