31: Chesapeake Bay Area

Keeping Your Pet Safe in Times of Need


Animal Rescue Inc.'s no-kill shelter provides care to hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs and cats until new homes can be found.

They also help pet owners and pets in times of crisis. Homeless persons, cancer and AIDS patients, elderly and disabled persons on fixed incomes, victims of violence and people struggling to survive other hardships are all aided.

Homeless persons assisted by Animal Rescue, had even choosen to live on the street or in their cars rather than seek help and risk losing their pets.


Since 1998, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage (CWH) has restored more than 1,500 acres of wetlands, planted more than 850 acres of woodlands, and planted upwards of 6,000 acres of native grasses. CWH also helps private landowners manage habitat on their property and conducts research to benefit the Chesapeake Bay and its wildlife.

Protective Orders Help Domestic Violence Victims

The Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project (POARP) provides clients with a free attorney to represent them in protection order hearings if they have been abused by an intimate partner (current or past boyfriend/girlfriend, current or ex-spouse). Protective orders help victims of domestic violence and their families be safe from abuse. A judge can order the abuser to leave the house; order the abuser not to abuse, threaten, contact or harass the victim; order the abuser to stay away from the victim's work, school or daycare providers; and other remedies.

Dunkin Ate What??

Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, Inc. (GRREAT) is dedicated to finding loving new homes for unwanted, stray, and abandoned Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes. The majority of GRREAT dogs are turned in to us by their previous owners, but we also work in conjunction with area shelters and local animal welfare organizations. Each dog that comes into GRREAT is placed into one of our volunteer foster homes where the temperament, energy level, habits, and medical requirements of the dog are evaluated.